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Corporate ID and Logo Design

Corporate ID and Logo Design by Ryall Marketing Agency Watford London
You want your business to stand out from the crowd – from every piece of literature to your website.

Your logo, straplines, font & colour choices, and design principles are your statement of being. You want your website to reflect your company’s products, services, ethos, standards and reliability.

You know that your business needs clear, effective and instantly corporate ID and logo design. However, it should also create a positive subconscious response in your prospects and customers, which is achieved by using the right colours, right fonts and the right strapline.

Your logo must look great everywhere – from your website to your letterhead.

Your brand ID needs to work in many different situations and sizes. Something which looks great on a sheet of A4 paper can look completely different when ‘blown up’ to large proportions.

Your brand should look great in many environments, such as:

  • Digitally, especially in your website banner
  • Electronic and printed stationery, including business cards
  • Social media platforms – they often need a small square
  • E-sign off – from Outlook to iphone
  • Large signage, such as external signs, banners and exhibition stands
  • Presentation materials
  • Clothing (if you have staff uniform)
  • In mono (such as in black and white), for some advertising
You need to work in a small square for social media, and perhaps you also need it to look impressive on a huge external banner sign.

We know how to design a logo so that it looks good in all media – including on vehicles and staff uniforms, which are critical applications overlooked by many design agencies.

Colours and font choices matter

You may think that what colours and fonts you choose won’t affect a prospect’s likelihood to purchase from you… but they do! Let’s take a simple colour – red. In this country this is used as a warning, and will often (and instantly) make the viewer feel anxious: this is not the emotion you want in your sales prospect! Other colours are associated with professionalism, so for example, blues are associated with cleanliness and professional medics.

Need help designing your Corporate ID?

At Ryall Marketing we have graphic designers with experience to ensure your brand identity comes up to the mark – in fact, exceeds expectations. Our Corporate ID work typically includes:

  • Logos and design schemes
  • Colour and mono variants
  • Ads for magazines and online
  • Setting corporate design standards
  • Proofing and press passes for your first print work
  • Stationery, business cards and email footers

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