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Killer Copy for Your Website

Killer Copy for Your Website Ryall Marketing Business Advice Watford

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Good copywriting is easy to spot and hard to write. Getting your message across before losing your prospect’s (or customer’s) interest is critical – but can be hard to achieve. On a website you have 5 seconds to make the right impression. Good design and navigation are critical, but the right words is essential.

Your webpage copy needs to:

  • Clearly communicate what you do
  • Demonstrate that you deliver what the viewer needs
  • Highlight what your business does better that the rest
  • Say what you’ve done – provide evidence
  • Help raise your Google (SEO) ranking
  • Get your visitor to take action (call, order etc.)

Impress your visitors… and Google

You know that when you’re selling face-to-face, your client needs to feel that you understand their needs – without this you’ll never close that sale! This is often referred to as creating empathy. This is done by talking about what they need, then cleverly matching your services or products to meet their needs. This is what your web copy needs to do – but without knowing what each visitor wants!

All copy must be ‘Google-friendly’ or to use technical terms ‘optimised’.

Does your website do this well?

If you want to make a quick check, take one of your pages and count all the times ‘we’, ‘our’ and your company name appear. Then count all the times ‘you’ and ‘yours’ appear. They should be at least equal – and ideally there should be a lot more of ‘you’ than ‘we’!

Telling your story to create leads

At Ryall Marketing, we take your ‘story’ and retell it so that your prospects and customers will listen. Our copywriting will inspire your audience to pick up the phone, enquire or place their order.

We will interview your team to get material for your pages and case studies – it helps to bring a ‘personal’ feel, which is very important for genuine copy and content.

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