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Using LinkedIn Properly

Using LinkedIn Properly by Ryall Marketing Agency Watford London

LinkedIn – one of the best sales tools on the planet… and it’s free!

It remains a fact, that LinkedIn is one of the most under-used resources available to most sales team! This is partly because it isn’t very friendly to get around, and the programmers keep changing it. However, it really is worth getting to grips with. Using LinkedIn offers you all of the following, and the entry-level is completely free – what’s not to like!

  • Prospect database – great for direct, proactive lead identification
  • Communication – broadcast or target messages to your audience
  • Information source – resource for your teams
  • Creating your expert status – a tool for demonstrating credibility
  • Recruitment tool – good for finding prospects and new staff as well
  • Extension of your website – increases your digital presence
  • Great for SEO – helps increase your website’s ranking when you post
OK, some of the more complex functions, such as sponsored posts, advertising or making connections with people you don’t know, are paid for. However, for most SME businesses, the basic services are all you need to really get started – you may never need the paid for functionality.

85% of people look at your profile before your first meeting

Yes, really. 85%! So does your LinkedIn profile look great? Is it complete? Does it sell your services and those of your company really well? If not, do something about it… now!

Creating a great LinkedIn profile and how to use it

LinkedIn is virtual networking. So treat it as such. When you go to a networking event, you dress professionally, smile and greet people, give your business card, engage and chat, then you follow-up are the event and keep in contact. That’s how a successful networker operates in the ‘real’ world.

The virtual world is no different – but slightly harder to get across your personality and to persuade people to engage with you.

Here are a few top tips for making LinkedIn work for you:

  • Have a good quality picture – people buy from people, so show your face and look professional
  • Connect with the right people
  • Include a summary of what you do – show your personality
  • Don’t hide your contact details
  • Make sure your profile is complete
  • Communicate and engage with your connections – regularly
  • Have a company as well as a personal page – link the two
  • Follow-up with a telephone call or a meeting

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