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Email Marketing – and how to make it work

Email Marketing how to make it work by Ryall Marketing Agency Watford London

Did you know that email marketing delivers the best return on investment of any marketing method?

So, is e-marketing your friendly sales assistant …or the scourge of modern day living? It can, of course, be both. When an e-mail is interesting, relevant and informative, then it isn’t perceived as ‘junk mail’, it is seen as useful.

Over 50% of people say that e-marketing influences their purchasing decisions. With a stat like that, you can’t ignore the power of e-shots!

Regular e-marketing can effectively and cheaply give your business the sales advantage.

email marketing from Ryall Marketing essential marketing communication for SMEs & B2B
Emails can be used to communicate with your customers to:

  • Promote your new products and services
  • Update them with the latest developments in their industry
  • Inform them of regulation changes
  • Up-sell or cross-sell based on their purchase history
  • Show them your credentials using short case studies
  • Promote your latest video or blog
  • Request referrals for your business

How to get opened!

When ‘circular’ emails appears in your inbox, do you delete them all or do you open some of them? The majority of viewers delete many, but read a few. What makes them decide whether to open an email, and when they do, positively respond?

Quick tips for your e-marketing:

  • Interesting and honest subject title
  • Personalise it as much as possible – use name, purchase history
  • Make the content relevant to the audience
  • Create empathy – show you know who you’re talking to, and what they need
  • Show you can deliver – testimonial or sound-bite story
  • Ask them to respond and tell them how
  • If there’s an offer, make it clear and repeat it
  • Make it smart-phone friendly
  • Make it regular, but not annoying!

  • Don’t put all your content in one ‘newsletter’ – it’s too much to read
  • Avoid the spam filter: remove ‘red-card’ words
  • Don’t be an egotist – avoid: we, I, me,
  • Don’t rely on images – most email ‘client’ software doesn’t show them

So is your e-mail seen as junk or must-read? By applying the best practice it can become an essential, very effective part of your company’s client sales process.

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