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You want online content to grab your attention, so does your audience! If your business wants to stand out from the crowd then knowing how to write a killer blog can help you do that.

To get your blog read you need to:
1. Tell people it’s there
2. Make it sound interesting
3. Make it worth reading to the end

Your readers need to see your blog and think, ‘I must read this!’ These 6 simple steps will help you achieve all three and get you a killer blog – trust us, they really do work!

1)Understand your audience

You put yourself at a huge advantage by considering one simple question: who will be reading your blog?

Think about:
– Where will you be posting your blog?
– What type of people use this site frequently?
– Why do they use it?

This will help you understand what they’ll be interested in. You can choose what content you publish, and what you avoid, to match the type of customers you are attracting.

You should consider how you will promote your blog on:

  • Social media
  • Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Email

You need readers to know your blog is there – posting about it on social media is a great way to do this.

Different demographics spend more time on different social media platforms. By understanding your readership, and where they’re likely to be, you can let your readers know that your blog is a must-read!

You need to understand your audience clearly for your blog to be successful

2) A fantastic picture or video

Visual aids are crucial to any good blog.

You make yours an enjoyable read by including:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Infographics

Remember, lots of readers skim over a blog before reading to make sure it’s worth their time.

If you can lure them in with visual aids, they’re more likely to take notice.

It’s no coincidence that blogs which include video and images receive a 53% increase in engagement!

3) An irresistible headline

You need a headline which grabs the attention of your audience so they think, ‘I have to read that!’

By knowing what your audience wants to read about, you can use your headlines to create intrigue about that topic.

Your headline should:

  • Be short and snappy
  • Entice your reader to click on
  • Mention how your visitor will benefit from reading it

If you tell your reader that they will benefit (e.g. learn something) then make sure you fulfil this promise by the end of the blog.

4) Use a clear structure

Why take the time to read a blog if you can’t see what it’s about from a first glance?

Your readers will skim your blog before deciding whether to read it.

To reel your audience in, you need a structure which tells them that they must read this.

Key information, statements and questions that will grab your readers’ attention must be found in:

  • Great title
  • Eye-catching video or picture
  • To-the-point introduction
  • Snappy Headings

Splitting the text into smaller sections, with bullet points and headings to break up large chunks, makes sure that your readers aren’t put off by the amount of content.

An irresistible headline entices your reader so they can’t resist clicking on your blog

5) Offer valuable content

The best blogs answer a very simple question: ‘what’s in it for me?’ Readers want new and engaging content which they find interesting. This can include:

  • Controversy
  • Self-improvement
  • Help – ‘top tips’ are a common favourite!
  • New information – such as technology
  • ‘How to…’

Take some time to research what people are talking about as well as new information your audience may want to learn. Importantly, find out what information your competitors offer so you can stay ahead of the game.

How can you offer valuable content which they’re not providing? This will help you become the place to go for hot topics and news.

6) It should be personable and interesting

You have a fantastic personality – show it! Readers engage with snappy, engaging blogs written by a friendly voice.

Avoid bland topics and make it simple so they don’t go anywhere else. Some great methods of doing this are:

  • Short sentences (20 words and the sentence should be split)
  • Simple English, not complicated jargon
  • Put key information in short bullet points
  • Headlines should be short but engaging

Putting personality into your blog will make for a friendlier and more engaging experience.

With all these top tips in mind, have a go at writing your own. You’ll be a true blogger in no time!

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