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You want lots of people to visit your company website and learn about the amazing things you do. But this won’t happen unless you know how to make Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, work for you!

That’s why we’ve outlined below the top 6 things you never knew about SEO!

If you want a clearer understanding of how SEO works, then read our blog on this topic here.

1 – Double your chances – upload to YouTube

Google owns Youtube, so the search engine loves it! When you upload videos to Youtube and add them to your website, Google pushes your website up in the rankings for terms related to your field.

youtube seo

By uploading videos to Youtube and hosting them on your website, you get double the SEO success

2 – Name your pictures to boost your ranking!

When posting images onto your website or social media, make sure the file name of your uploaded image says what it is. Google can’t ‘see’ pictures, so it doesn’t know what the image is showing.

Calling your image ‘1234xyz.jpg’ doesn’t help Google identify what the image shows – and you won’t be pushed up in the rankings as a result.

By uploading an image titled, for example, ‘Ryall Marketing – the best marketing agency in Hertfordshire’ or ‘Award winning Home Cinema at affordable prices’. Google understands what the image is showing and therefore gives it credence.

Choose names which include ‘keywords’ (that is, the words your prospects will put into the search bar to look for you).

That way, Google is more likely to show your website, rather than a competitors on the first page.

Giving your images relevant titles is crucial. For example, this image could be labelled ‘Ryall Marketing digital traditional marketing services Chorleywood Hertfordshire’

3 – Become an uncover agent to discover your own ranking

If you often find yourself at the top of the search engine results page when Googling yourself, you may think that your SEO is working well.

But this may not be the case. Google is likely showing you URLs based on what you have seen or clicked on in the past.

So, to find out exactly where you rank for a brand name or keyword, you should turn on ‘Incognito’ mode when using Google chrome.

To do this, press ‘Control + Shift + n’ on your keyboard.

Incognito mode therefore prevents your browsing history and cookies from manipulating your search results.

4 – What’s a “backlink” when it’s at home… and why it matters to you…

Your website appears higher in search engine results when you ‘backlink’ to your site. This happens when one website links to another. 

You can link to your website from:

  • Social media pages
  • LinkedIn personal profile
  • ‘Sister’ companies you work alongside
  • Member organisations (e.g. chamber of commerce) you belong to

The ultimate goal is to have a link to your website featured on a trusted website, like BBC or Wikipedia.

By backlinking to your website as much as possible, you’ll be pushed up in Google rankings.

5 – Location, Location, Location

Did you know that when someone searches for a service in Google, the engine prioritises those businesses closer to the user’s location? That’s why you need to make sure that your business location is correctly updated on your website and social media pages.


Make sure your business location is accurately updated on all platforms. That way, Google will recommend you to nearby users.

6 – New Content is King

You also need to update the content on your webpages. Industry information is constantly changing, with new innovations being brought out.

Therefore, a webpage you wrote several years ago might not be accurate and informative any more.

Therefore, as Google starts looking for more modern industry search terms when recommending websites, you need to ensure that your copy is:

  • Up to date
  • Accurate
  • Uses relevant terminology

Getting support with your SEO

SEO doesn’t need to be expensive, confusing or time-consuming. That said, if you aren’t sure where to begin on this complex topic, then Ryall Marketing can help.

Read my blog here for more tips on getting started with SEO. If you need any further assistance undertaking high-quality SEO for your website, including keyword research, then we can help!

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